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(An Indignant) Steve Rattner: Andrew Cuomo Is The First Person To Ever Question My Ethics Or Integrity

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(The people who questioned his artistic integrity re: the whole "Chooch" thing don't count, right? Okay, cool, then no one, ever.)

“While settling with the SEC begins the process of putting this matter behind me, I will not be bullied simply because the attorney general’s office prefers political considerations instead of a reasoned assessment of the facts,” Rattner said in an e-mailed statement today, the same day he agreed to pay $6.2 million and accept a two- year ban from associating with broker-dealers or investment advisers to resolve a Securities and Exchange Commission probe of kickbacks in connection with the New York state pension fund. “This episode is the first time during 35 years in business that anyone has questioned my ethics or integrity.”

Rattner Settles With SEC On Kickbacks As Cuomo Sues [BW]