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Area Woman Cringes At The Thought Of Anyone Knowing She Flirted With Raj Rajaratnam

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Remember the Galleon insider trading case? It's still going on, and most recently, a federal judge has been asked to decide whether or not Raj Rajaratnam's instant messages can be used in next year's trial. Raj's attorney's, of course, would prefer the conversations to not be fair game, on the off chance he sent any messages to anyone with regard to the whole trading on material non-public information thing but there are others, too, who would like to avoid seeing the big man's IMs going public.

For instance, there's Stanley Druckenmiller, who spoke with Rajaratnam "regularly" prior to his arrest, in addition to Jim Pallota and Paul Tudor Jones, all of whom were in a fantasy football league together. None of the other men have done anything wrong but they would likely just prefer to avoid having their (screen)names mentioned in the same breath as an accused criminal. To that end, while she's all good legally, a "longtime analyst" at George Weiss Associates would rather not have it come to light that she may have had a thing for ole Raj Raj.

[The analyst] declined to comment on how she feels about the possibility of the wiretaps being released except to say, "If they have everything recorded for years, then I'm there."
While many of the conversations will surely be mundane, some revelations could prove embarrassing. For example, [her] flirty instant messages with Rajartatnam were submitted to the court in last month's wiretaps hearings.

"U looked wonderful yesterday," Rajaratnam tells her before saying that a friend asked for her number. "I told him it would be war," he adds. "It better [be]," she says.

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