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Art History Time, With A Portrait Of Meredith Whitney

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Geoffrey Raymond, the artist who's done everyone from Jimmy Cayne, Dick Fuld, Alan Greenspan (collectively known as "The Greats") to Lloyd Blankfein and Ben Bernanke has a new painting out. It's of Meredith Whitney and a bull, and here's how Raymond describes it: "Surely you remember Picasso's 'Dora and the Minotaur' from that art appreciation course you took back when, yes? Well I've reinterpreted this classic, bending it to serve his own twisted agenda. The result? 'Meredith Whitney Grapples with the Next Big Prediction.'" The portrait is available for you to buy and hang over your mantle (best offer over $3,500 takes it home) and you can see it here:

Being dusty on the art history, let's explore what's going on here. Is this supposed to be the embodiment of her sell call on Capital One? And more generally, how does the painting make you feel?