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Asking For Your Signature To Be Removed From An Email Thread Nominating Hottest New Female Hires Apparently Not Enough Of A Safeguard From Provoking Firm's Ire


This is just a little head's up, trick of the trade: if you're considering circulating a "short list" of nominations for the hottest young female recruits at your company, asking your colleagues to remove your name before forwarding it on may not be enough to keep you out of HR's line of fire. You might think so, but no.

One of Ireland's largest accountancy firms last night launched an internal investigation after male staff were found circulating emails where they rated the looks of their female colleagues. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) started the probe after pictures of young women, who had just recently joined the firm, were sent around and nominated for a "Top 10". The emails were circulated between a group of up to 17 male staff members within PWC before being forwarded to other businesses as the emails went "viral", spreading across the internet.

The 13 women, whose pictures were accompanied by their names and departments, all recently joined the accountancy firm as trainee accountants or "associates" and are expected to train with the company for the next three years. A number of the women whose pictures were circulated have recently graduated from prominent universities. The offending emails were traced and are being examined by senior management at PWC, sources confirmed. The initial email sent around by the group of men had a subject line of "this would be my shortlist for the top 10". A subsequent comment in the forwarded email says: "Great work... have reservations about the last one getting in." In one message, a highly derogatory female description is used about the "new" intake.

One of the men who forwarded on the pictures asked for his email signature be removed if it was forwarded again. Human Resources partner Carmen O'Connor said the men who had been involved in the circulation of the emails had not yet been contacted about the matter.

Accountants Brought To Book Over Raunchy Emails