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B-School Student Seeks Financing For Multi-Billion Commodities Deal

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A Columbia business student recently sent out an email peddling billions of dollars of iron ore to his classmates, pitching them and anyone they might know on the deal. It's unclear how much money has been raised so far, but we figured we'd help cast a wider net. If you're interested-- get in touch!

From: [redacted at Columbia Business School]
To: All Students
Subject: For Sale: $13B of iron ore, +$10B of rare earth elements

I’m actually serious. This is a deal that I’ve put together.

We need to raise $20mm by December 7th and another $20mm within 45 days of then. We’ve hired an investment bank to work on this but sometimes it’s personal leads that are the best. I’m in touch with hedge funds, private equity firms, and wealthy individuals. Lemme know if you have any leads (or if you want to talk commodities in general).