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Goldman Sachs Interview Tutorial Devoid Of Any Useful Tips For A Reason

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As a firm with one of the most daunting interview processes on Wall Street, in which candidates may be asked to come in 30 to 100 times, Goldman Sachs is uniquely qualified to offer tips to job seekers with regard to acing the meet and greet. Which is why one might find the video "Interview Skills" video they've posted on their site somewhat odd.

Nowhere does the British woman narrating say anything about the complex intimidation sessions or brain busters we've come to understand one applying for a job at Goldman is put through, nor does she mention anything about the rule Shia LaBeouf shared, which is that when taken out to lunch you have 5 seconds to decide what you want or you're out of there.

In fact, the whole thing appears to be ripped from "Interviewing for Dummies," offering pointers such as "know the job you're applying for" and make sure you have directions before leaving your house. If a GS applicant were to watch the video the night before going in, he or she would probably feel pretty confident. "I know the name of the job I'm interviewing for," he might say. "And I already MapQuested that shit days ago," he might say to no one in particular, coming to the conclusion that basically, this thing was "in the bag."

Which is exactly what they want you to think. That all you need to do is "know your resume" and memorize some bullshit story about why you want to work there.

Then, right when they get you feeling like you're taking a warm bath in the middle of your comfort zone, you go in and BOOM! it's hard as shit and totally different. Instead of some walk in the park, you're being "behaviorally interviewed" at a "naked party" at Rich Kimballer's secret back alley bungalow. It's a planned, strategic mind-fuck, set up to separate the wheat from the chaff. Can you adapt? Or are you just a straight-laced uptight noob who will be shook by any deviation from what this trap had you expecting?

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