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CNBC And Guy Who Wouldn't Wear A Wire For Feds Debate The Meaning Of The Term 'Trouble'

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"Here's our card, we need to hear from you in 48 hours, if we don't there will be trouble for you," Strategy Session guest John Kinnucan recounted being told by two representatives from the FBI when they showed up to his home and tried to get him to agree to record a conversation with a client from SAC Capital.

"And they haven't made trouble for you I guess, have they?" David Faber asked.

"Well, uh, my business has been destroyed, so..."

Though at this time it remains unclear as to whether or not there will be some sort of ramifications for Kinnucan emailing his clients after the visit from the Feds, it does seem clear that yes, his business has been destroyed and he will likely have difficulty starting another wherein it's his name on the front of the building. If like us, your heart goes out to the guy, who has a wife and child and was just trying to do the right thing, i.e. NOT BE A SNITCH, do consider giving him a call re: job prospects. He's obviously very loyal, a hard worker and given that he told David Faber, "I've been dragged along the pavement a few hundred feet underneath a bus,* I've been lost alone at 40 below in the Brooks Range, this is just another chapter," it sounds like he'll do anything you ask of him, without complaints.

*Not a metaphor.