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Connecticut Cops Fail To Appreicate The Commuting Habits Of SAC Capital Employee


Late last week, a New Cannan resident, Janie Konidaris was charged with lying to the police about a helicopter landing near her house the previous Saturday morning. When first questioned about it, Konidaris told them she'd didn't recall seeing a chopper that day, but when the fuzz came back, she told them that in fact there had been a helicopter, which had landed on her lawn to pick up her husband, Jason Konidaris, Global Head of Syndicate at SAC.

Obviously if we were talking about the greater population here, the problem would be that Mrs. JK lied to the police, which is frowned up. But we're not talking about the great population here and so the question, why was the 5-0 hassling her about this at all? It's an unspoken town code that SAC employees can park their vehicles wherever they'd like. Most people know this and yet, here we are. In an effort to give the cops the benefit of the doubt and to prevent this sort of thing from happening again, we're going to assume that they didn't realize who Janie is married to. Moving forward, all employees (and their spouses) should be given laminated cards that indicate it's not a problem to land their chopper (or however they're commuting that day) on a front lawn, SAC HQ, the roof of Beamers, Cliff Asness's backyard inflatable bouncy castle,** or otherwise. "Restricted Area" bull shit need not apply.

Helicopter Landing Leads To Arrest [TDC]

**You know what I'm talking about.


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