Does Morgan Stanley Have A Problem With Dwarves?


In a seemingly positive article this morning about Wall Street having and spending shitloads of money again, a troubling firing story is relayed:

A Morgan Stanley trader recently tried to hire a dwarf for a bachelor party in Miami, asking the dwarf to meet him at the airport in a “Men in Black” style suit, according to e-mail exchanges. The trader, who wanted to handcuff the dwarf to the bachelor, was recently fired.

No answer is provided as to why the trader was canned, and so we're left to wonder, What Is Morgan Stanley's Problem? It's important we answer this question so other employees can know what exactly management is and isn't cool with. So, is MS' prob:

* The dwarf? Does the bank discriminate against the vertically challenged?

* The "Men In Black" scenario?

* The handcuffs? (James Gorman prefers more professional restraints)

* The planning of a bachelor party over company email, despite it being an event leading up to marriage, one of the most important and happiest moments of someone's life?

* None of the above (WELL WHAT THEN?)

Wall Street Dares To Indulge Itself Again [Dealbook via BI]