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Eat, Sleep, Ride, Meditate And Shoot Animals In Paul Tudor Jones' House

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The Journalreports that Paul Tudor Jones has put his 6,250-acre Maryland "hunting retreat" on the market, for $30 million.

If you're not one for shooting animals, you can alternatively ride them (the grounds include an equestrian complex, though no word on whether or not PTJ is throwing in horses to sweeten the deal) or spend the day centering yourself in downward dog in the yoga room. Additionally, for your money you'll get two guest houses, a 14,000 square foot main house with ten bedrooms, "a great room with a wall of glass," a room for decoys, a "sports complex" that feature an indoor basketball court and tennis courts, plus the extremely regal-looking dining room pictured above. Make him an offer. [WSJ via BI]


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