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French Doctor Accused Of Assisting Hedge Fund Manager Insider Trade

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The Securities and Exchange Commission accused a French medical doctor with illegally tipping off a hedge-fund manager about the results of a clinical trial conducted by Human Genome Sciences Inc., prompting the manager to dump roughly six million shares of the drug maker. The SEC alleged in the civil complaint Tuesday that Dr. Yves M. Benhamou gave the hedge-fund manager nonpublic information about negative developments in the trial of the drug Albuferon, used to treat Hepatitis C, including that one trial participant had died...Over a period of weeks prior to the announcement, the hedge-fund manager ordered the sale of all Human Genome Sciences stock held by six hedge funds he co-managed, a stake of roughly six million shares, the SEC said. [WSJ]


Informant's Assistance On Insider Trading Case Slightly Undone By Telling "Series" Of Lies To Government

On the one hand, Roomey Khan's assistance as a cooperating witness was "extremely substantial." On the other, she seems to have told between 1 and 100 lies to government officials.