John Paulson Funds All Up In October

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According to Dow Jones, Paulson Advantage Plus posted a 2.55% return (it is now up 2.55% YTD), Paulson Advantage was up 1.72% (1.4% YTD), Paulson Recovery was up 0.5% (8% YTD), Paulson Partner Enhanced was up 7.36% (16% YTD), Paulson Credit Opportunities was up 3% (12.4% YTD), and the gold fund was up 3.57% (26% YTD). [DJ]


All John Paulson Does Is Win

Starting today! Every day before it (not including 2007-2009) shall never be spoken of again! Don't even entertain the thought of uttering '2010-2012,' in his presence or otherwise! Don't say it, don't even think it! Someone run out and get some holy water because this is nothing short of a rebirth! Today is the first day of the rest of his life!