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Sir Allen Stanford Beaten To Point Of Losing Feeling On Right Side Of Face For A Second Time

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Last May, accused Ponzi schemer Allen Stanford's lawyers asked that their clients be let out of prison for two reasons. 1) Keeping him there ahead of his trial, scheduled to start in January 2011, was unconstitutional and 2) he was getting this shit beat out of him, including one incident in which he was "so savagely beaten that he lost all feeling in the right side of his face and lost near-field vision in his right eye. The court decided not to let him out and he has again been roughed up a bit.

'I was on the telephone and some of the other people in the cell didn't like it,' Stanford told a friend who visited him, according to the Sunday Times. 'They said something to me and then two of them jumped me and kept punching me and kicking me in the head. I lost consciousness, but at one time I came round and grabbed one of them by the leg. That just set them off a again'.

The guards burst into the cell and shackled Stanford before taking him to a hospital where he underwent an operation while still chained up. Stanford suffered fractures to his eye socket, cheek bones and severe bruising to his body. He has lost all feeling in the right side of his face. No one has been punished for the attack and he spent three weeks in solitary confinement. before being moved to another prison.

The assault happened in October last year in a cell holding 14 other men. It was designed to hold eight inmates and at the time had no electricity, air conditioning and was in virtual darkness. The friend claimed the inmates were 'on edge' with each other because of the cramped conditions.


Allen Stanford Puts On Unusually Brave Face While Hearing Verdict Of Guilt

April 7, 2009: The then Sir Allen Stanford chokes back tears over being deprived of being named Forbes’ 405th richest person in the world as a result of the Ponzi charges (which he described as "baloney" and informed a reporter using the dirty word, "If you say Ponzi to my face again, I will punch you in the mouth"). March 6, 2012: "A federal jury convicted international financier R. Allen Stanford on 13 of 14 charges of money laundering and fraud in a Ponzi scheme that lost billions of dollars for investors...As the verdict was read Mr. Stanford, wearing a dark suit, turned to where his family members were sitting and appeared to mouth the words, 'It's OK.'"