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Someone Give This Kid A Job

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Luis Caselles Peréz, pictured, is a Spanish-born business student who recently set up a website in order to share a dream, which he states plainly:

"As a Master student, I feel that the environment evolving from this and the resulting new paradigms of the industry offer many learning opportunities. Being in my last year of Business School education, I have a great opportunity to become the man I always wanted to be: an Investment Banker."

For those of you wanting to hear some qualifications before hiring him, a CV is available. In addition to a degree in business administration, several summer internships, occasional gigs as a motivational speaker, "advanced skills in Texas Instruments calculators: BA II Plus (fixed income) and TI-89 Titanium (equities/derivatives)," and a driver's license, Luis is a CFA Level II candidate and founded a company called Stocklyzer (Stock + Analyzer), which he "started in order to provide private customers and independent managers with high return potential investment ideas."

LCP's final words: As you have probably seen, I am a young student. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that I do not know anything compared to an experienced executive. But growing up is a constant learning process. ways in tune with Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, analyzing entire markets with my own models, networking with people from a wide variety of cultures, non-stopping at the escalators and sorrounded by a Financial World in constant change. I want to be part of the "Next Generation of Investment Bankers".

Though some things seemed to have been lost in translation, there's no denying the kid's got moxie. Make him an offer today.