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Tim Geithner Talks Shop With Economic Guru

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"In the midst of debates on financial regulation and China’s currency in April," Bloombergreports today, "Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner sat down to discuss the U.S. economy-- with comedian Jon Stewart."

This was not for show (the Secretary did not appear on-air) but rather a serious, off the record brain picking session, held in Stewart's New York office. “Jon Stewart is influential in America, so we took the opportunity for the two to meet and to discuss the economy,” Treasury spokesman Steve Adamske said. They hit on everything-- the possibility of a housing foreclosure moratorium, Stewart's views on China, and whether or not the TDS host thought Geithner should be advocating a weak dollar policy. Though it was almost strictly about business, Geithner did lob one personal request, namely that Stewart get off his ass about the not being able to sell his house thing.


Congressman Was This Close To Telling Tim Geithner He Was Cruisin' For A Brusin'

“You can smile and laugh about it all you want,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) bristled at Mr. Geithner during a House Budget Committee hearing. Mr. Chaffetz then intoned he was getting sick of the Treasury secretary’s “silly little smirk.” To be sure, Mr. Geithner did have a smile on his face during parts of the hearing, particularly when he was interrupted by Republicans on the panel when they didn’t like his answers on deficit reduction. He even spent part of the hearing answering questions with his arms crossed. At one point, he suggested that Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R., Kan.) had an “adolescent perspective” on how the economy worked.