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Vikram Pandit Finally Understands What It's Like To Be David Hasselhoff

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Here in the United States, David Hasselhoff is seen as the guy who gets drunk and eats cheeseburgers off the floor. To put it mildly, he doesn't get much respect. Over in Germany, however, he's the second coming of Christ and is treated like a prince. Until recently, Vikram Pandit never knew what it felt like to be loved and hated in equal measure, and didn't really understand how hard The Hoff had it. Yesterday, at the G20 Summit, however, he hinted that he's starting to relate.

At a gathering here of top executives in the G-20 Business Summit, a parallel gathering alongside the meeting of leaders from the Group of 20 economic powers, Mr. Pandit suggested that the environment for financial companies in the United States was rather frosty. “I kind of feel like I’m living in parallel universes,” Mr. Pandit said in a forum that included Peter Sands of Standard Chartered Bank and Stephen A. Schwarzman of the Blackstone Group. “I’m here in Korea and I feel this warmth and need and the sense of trying to have a dialogue with each other, but then when I get back to my real universe, it’s cold in that universe.”

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