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What Kind Of Dirt Does WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Have On 'A Big US Bank' (Which May Or May Not Be Bank Of America)?

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As previously mentioned, in an interview with Forbes, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed that the next leak will be about a big US bank. Assange refrained from sharing details, saying only that the big reveal will be early next year and that its impact, ballparking it, could take down a bank "or two."

Working under the assumption one is taking Mr. Assange's threat seriously, the leak in question would obviously have to be pretty damn damning. Because I don't know if Jules is aware of this, but in America, we don't let banks fail (sorry, Lehman), even if they want to. Take Citi-- they've tried as hard as possible and yet, still kicking. If Tim Geithner has to place a bank on a floating piece of debris while he freezes his ass off in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to save it, he will.

Given that appears to be an intelligent, if slightly eccentric individual, though, Assange probably knows this and still makes the bold claim. So--can anyone even conceive of something that would be so bad that the government would say, "let's let this one go?" Obviously we're not talking about a little insider trading or front-running here, which would be shocking to find out financial institutions didn't dabble in. Is it possible Assange could have information that could embarrass a US bank more than it's already embarrassed itself? To the extent it actually went down for the dirt nap?

Tell us which who will be on the bad end of this "shitty deal" and why. As a commenter pointed out earlier, it could be Bank of America, based on an interview Assange gave in 2009, but who knows what. Rampant speculation encouraged.