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Who Will Be Next?

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In the last hour, three hedge funds have been raided by the FBI-- Level Global, Diamondback Capital, and Loch Capital. According to federal authorities Insider Trading Fest(ivus) 2010 may turn out to be the biggest scandal to (and this is a paraphrase) "rock lots of people's worlds," the assumption being that there will be many more bodies. Annoyingly, however, the government is refusing to give any hints as to who’s going down next. And we can’t take the suspense!

So that we’re not caught completely off guard, we’re asking you to make your best guesses here. We’d prefer them to be informed but “gut feelings” are also welcome. The individuals looking at being raided/cuffed/spoken to aggressively this week have apparently been investigated over the last three years. Do you remember a weird clicking sound on your phone at any point since 2007? Can you recall one of your colleagues vigorously defending Mike Milken over drinks to the point of making people uncomfortable? Did you get the distinct feeling the guy serving shrimp puffs at last year’s holiday party was wearing a wire? Has your boss ever said, point blank, “I could get fucked for this, so keep it on the hush hush?” Are you yourself having asthma attack just reading this? Let it out.