World Bank: Don't Read Any Email Attachments From Tim Geithner


Ever since he was named Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner has suffered from a lack of respect, both from the outside world and internally. His boss makes "jokes" in public about dogs pissing on him, people refuse to believe he didn't work at Goldman Sachs and hardly a day goes by without a story claiming he's getting fired and replaced by (take your pick) Jamie Dimon, Mike Bloomberg, or Jojo the idiot circus boy. Today brings yet another blow, this time from the IT department at the World Bank, which appears to be sending a subtle hint.

Multiple World Bank officials were alerted this week to beware an email virus purporting to be from an unlikely source: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. The virus was detected in an attachment sent to several World Bank officials in what appeared to be an email from Treasury undersecretary for international affairs Lael Brainard. “Dear Colleagues,” read the email, which World Bank officials warned in an message to others was part of a “phishing” email attack. “Please find attached letter from Secretary Geithner. We are thinking about our positions.” World Bank officials were warned not to “click on any attachment or link in an email that contains a very brief message such as the one below, that contains spelling or typographical errors, or is in any way suspicious.”

This is how it starts. First it's "Don't read his attachments," tomorrow his desk has been moved to the basement, under a leaky pipe and someone's stolen his stapler.

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