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Write-Offs: 11.03.10

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$$$Duff McDonald: Coverage of JPMorgan tends to be all Jamie, all the time. That must have been frustrating, especially in light of the success you and Bill had. Was it? Steve Black: Jamie has got some unbelievable strengths and is as good as anybody in the industry. When the outside world puts an individual like him on a pedestal and thinks that he's the only person at the company who has any ability, sure, it can be a little frustrating. But that's not the way Jamie acts. It's not Jamie's fault and it's not because he governs that way. [Fortune]

$$$Rabbi In Extortion Case Talked About Both FrontPoint And SAC Capital [Reuters]

$$$ Ms. Gianell, who has traveled the world working as a circus performer, a showgirl and a choreographer, said she enjoyed her jury service, despite being kicked off the Citi/EMI trial. [Dealbook]

$$$6 Tips from a Wall Street executive coach on how to command a room; 2: Breath from you belly: Working your diaphragm will calm nerves and empower your voice. [FINS]

$$$ Cramer Praises 'By-Any-Means-Necessary' Bernanke [CNBC]

$$$ Too-Big-to-Fail Lenders Must Curb Pay, Japan Bank Lobby Says [Bloomberg]