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Bonus Watch '10: Government Employee Edition

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No hard numbers yet but apparently enough for one guy to buy a round of shots worth $36,890, "humbling" Tokyo's traders.

Kaz Miura, "an architect working for the US government" broke the record for shots purchased at Geronimo shot bar over the weekend, in a "feat" that surprised onlookers, given that a civil servant outshone a bunch of financial services hacks at a game called 'look how much money I have' (which somehow involves a leather drum).

Mr Miura, an architect working for the US government achieved the unlikely feat in brazen defiance of a sour market mood that has built amid a relentless exodus of big-spending foreign bankers from Japan during a dismal quarter for the Japanese economy. The 3011 shots he bought in the Geronimo Shot Bar challenge is unlikely to be beaten until Tokyo's bankers start receiving decent bonuses again - a potentially long wait.

The challenge centres on a leather drum that dangles above the wood-panelled bar - owned by Manchester-born entrepreneur Stewart Bailey. Whoever wallops the drum commits to buying everyone a shot, priced at the flat rate of 1000 yen ($12.10) per head.

Miura claims he wasn't celebrating a big bonus but rather just thought it would be cool to rub his money in some destitute traders' faces (you know- kick them when they're down). "I'm just paying for it out of my pocket," he said, "And hoping that my wife understands.”

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