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Bonuses At RBS To Be 'Downsized' At Least 30 Percent

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Earlier this week, we got word via some RBS higher-ups that bonuses for the Queen's bitches would be “less than 2009″ this year. How much less? If you're lucky, apparently thirty percent and if you're not, more. So, this is not the best news if you happen to be an employee of the Royal Bank (nor is the fact that the payouts don't come until June) and while it may be little solace, consider taking heart: you could be working in Ireland, where the government has passed out its routing number and asked the banks to direct deposit employees' bonuses in its checking account.

Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said on Thursday he would include a 90 percent charge on bankers' bonuses in the budget bill. "As far as the future is concerned I do propose to introduce the amendment to the finance bill to put this matter beyond any doubt and provide a high rate, a 90 percent rate of charge on any ... bankers' bonuses," Lenihan told local radio.

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