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Fox Business Correspondent Blows The Lid Off The Feds' Insider Trading Investigation

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There's one person in particular the government seems to just be dying to get it's hands on but up until this moment, no one has had the vaguest clue-- none whatsoever!-- as to who it could possibly be, nor has there been nary a hint. Until now.

Mr. Gasparino said, “Regulatory sources are telling the FOX Business Network that the FBI, the Justice Department, are using the same techniques they used against the mobs and against terrorists. There is a gentleman in the middle they want to snare."

"Sources are telling us among those top players in the middle Steve Cohen the head of SAC Capital is clearly on the radar screen. The lower level guys are the people they are looking to arrest, flip, gain information from, and make the case against the top guy. It is classic mob related, terrorist related investigation.”

[Benzinga via BI]


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