Does This Christmas "Dream Wish List" Belong To One Of Your Lady Friends?


The only thing it seems we can expect re: bonuses this year is that they'll be all over the place. Hedge funds are looking at slight increase, many banks are looking at a flat to 30 percent decrease and some people's bonuses will be so bad they've inspired code names like The Zeros. It's nerve-wracking, to say the least. One thing that's comforting, however, is to know that there remains group of people confident that compensation 2010 will be generous enough to not disrupt their quality of life, including the Christmas season.

Like the person who put together this list of wants. It was found on the Metro North last week, left by a commuter coming back from the city. The annotations were presumably made by the fellow expected to purchase the items requested, which include but are certainly not limited to several bags (Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Givenchy- in a dark color, not black), a large Cartier watch, a Cartier love bracelet, several necklaces, spa services, big pearl earrings, an Hermès blanket, a bike, and gold, silver or sparkly Louboutins. Hopefully the list was was produced and distributed in triplicate otherwise someone's gonna be in big trouble.