Former Deutsche Bank Trader Greg Lippmann Working "Harder" But Not "Longer" At Libre Max


Apparently at his new firm, Lippman is able to clock out earlier because he's focused on "one thing and one thing only, which is making money." At Deutsche Bank, there were a lot of other responsibilities that sucked up his time, like coddling Germans and updating his Sushi Spreadsheet.


Bubble Boy Lippmann Doing Okay For Himself

Compared his friends. Greg Lippmann's LibreMax Capital, founded with three former colleagues from Deutsche Bank, posted a 10.12 percent gain for the year through the end of July, according to a letter to the fund's investors obtained by Reuters. The average hedge fund gained just 2.78 percent over that period, according to the Hennessee Hedge Fund Index. LibreMax got a boost last month, gaining 2.71 percent, as portions of the mortgage-backed market rallied, Lippmann, who is the fund's chief investment officer and portfolio manager, wrote in the letter. [Reuters]


Deutsche Bank: It's All Good

Everyone is apparently freaking out over nothing.