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Goldman Sachs Alum And Woman With 'Fever' JC Davies Will Take Your Questions Now

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Yesterday, we introduced you to a tremendous woman-- former equity analyst turned interracial relationship consultant, JC Davies. Davies, who spent a decade on Wall Street working at ING Barings, then Goldman Sachs and finally RIM Securities, is the author of the book, "I Got The Fever" (the self-diagnosed fever she got is for men of every color of the rainbow). I said I'd be requesting an interview but before I could, this arrived:

Got your invite for an interview. Please tell me what day/time works best for you. You inspired my blog today so thanks a bunch. Hope you enjoy the book. JC

So, this is happening and you all are of course along for the ride. Let me know what questions I should ask on your behalves ASAP. And don't be bashful- we're in the trust tree.


Goldman Sachs Wants To Be Your Friend

And to show how serious it is about being your friend, here, have a macrame bracelet.