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Hedge Fund Manager Sued By Employees Re: Topless Photos Is Sued Again

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Remember Russell Abrams? Probably not but to recap: in July of 2009, two former Titan Capital Group assistants, Cristina Culicea and Danille Pecile, sued their boss, Big Russ, who asked Danielle to print out some photos he took of his wife, Sandra, on their honeymoon. In the pictures, Sandra is posing on yacht, with her rack on full display, which apparently made Danielle uncomfortable, as did the smirk Abrams gave his underling as she handed pics over, and when he asked “You liked them, didn’t you?” She, in fact, did not.

The girls decided to leave the firm soon after the incident, feeling that they’d been sexually harassed on account of having to look at the boss’s wife naked (Culicea was not part of TitYacht-gate, but was asked to print other classy shots from the trip, of the newlyweds taking a bath). After they resigned, Russel’s brother Marc, who is a Vice-President at the Titan, left a few psycho emails and voicemails for Danielle who, oh, btw, he used to date, calling her “a dirty pig thief,” a “rotten bitch,” and a “whore.” That detail is not part of the suit, but was just something Danielle wanted to get out there.

So the ladies asked for $2.5 million, saying they were sexually harassed and deeply disturbed by the topless shots, which for some reason they decided to hold on to. Not for their personal files, but insurance, to make sure they got their money. Some might call this blackmail, extortion, what have you, but their lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, not into such labels, totally backed them up on it, telling the Post that the pics would not be returned until the case was settled with a check for a couple mill and a half, opening the door for a countersuit by Sandra Abrams, who claimed the girls’ demand was “nothing short of blackmail,” which, yeah, it kind of was! Sandra demanded the pics back, and $1 million for emotional distress.

Anywho! Russell is again being sued, this time by an investor. Forbes reports:

Abrams’ biggest single problem clearly is the Titan Global Return Fund, one of his main hedge funds. It’s performing badly and at least one of its investors is getting restless. Tradex Global Master Fund sued Titan Capital Group and Abrams on November 30th, claiming that Abrams “fraudulently misrepresented the risk strategies, investment procedures and objectives as well as Abram’s intended personal investment in the Titan Fund program.” On Wednesday Tradex filed a complaint stating that since June, its total investment in the Class M Shares of the Titan Global Return Fund have “lost approximately $2.6 million in value, or 74%.”


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