John Kinnucan Is Psyched To Have Been Subpoened By The FBI


“I’m happy to do it because I think it’s going to demonstrate my innocence,” Kinnucan said of the request for information. Will he be happy with all the other fun stuff the feds likely have in store for him after he refused to wear a wire while conversing with SAC Capital, notified his clients of the investigations, and instead of choosing to put a lid on it, pimped his story out to the highest bidder(s)? Stay tuned!


The Feds, SEC Have Some Questions For Leon Cooperman

So they've gone ahead and subpoenaed him.

I'd Have To Really Psych Myself Up To Defend Andrew Caspersen At Trial: Andrew Caspersen's Attorney

Can we all be honest with each other for a sec? My client doesn't stand a chance of winning this thing.