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Lenny Dykstra: "I Went Under, Took Care Of Business, And Now I'm Doing What I've Got To Do"

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"I'm about one thing," Lenny Dykstra told Howard Eskin in minute one of a glorious interview on 610 AM Sports Talk in Philadelphia yesterday afternoon. "And that's walking the talk." The talking that Dykstra has been doing over the past several years, ever since he got thrown out of his house and filed for bankruptcy, has centered around two things: 1) taking on what he describes as the "criminals" at JPMorgan, whose "predatory lending" practices caused him to be foreclosed on and 2) his big comeback. Both points were addressed in this chat. With regard to the former, he not only plans to take JPM to court, but he's made it his mission to protect people like himself from these "crooks." To that end, LD has started a "mortgage forensic research firm," known as Predatory Lending Recovery, LLC, which despite not yet having any clients and only one testimonial, Len claims is a billion dollar business. And as for making a comeback? Fuck that shit, Lenny says. He's already back. Here are some other things the self-described "lightning rod for money" had to say:

* "It took me 2 years to get through this death chamber that they call bankruptcy"

* Howard: "How did you lose all your money?" Lenny: "It's called predatory lending. Look, I don't want to get into this New World Order stuff. I'm a regular guy. I don't believe in ghosts, I'm not afraid of the dark. Never in my life did I think there was a thing called corporate crime. But JPMorgan? They're criminals. Fireman's Fund? They're criminals. I didn't get stupid overnight. I don't read much because it's so bad for my eyes. But I see some of this stuff and it's insanity." Howard: "That's a pretty big accusation against JPMorgan." Lenny: "It's more than accusation- it's the facts!"

* "I'm a lightning rod for money; after we're done talking today when you're walking to your car you'll probably find 100 bucks."

* "This country is being dismantled piece by piece because of the greedy banks"

* "Did I ever think i'd be preaching about this? No. I thought I'd be entertaining people on the field, which I was pretty good at. But it turns out I'm here for something else. That's why I've started a company called Predatory Lending Recovery, to show people how they can stay in their homes."

* "The banks set you up to fail-- that's their equity strategy."

* "I always wanted Gretzy's house; he said, 'I'll sell it to you for 23 mill; I said, have another drink, man. I'll pay 17, no money down'."

* Lenny: "I got put in a loan where I was set up to fail." Howard: "Isn't it your responsibility [to know what you're getting into]?" Lenny: "Howard, no."

* "I went into the trenches, I was like a submarine, I went under, bro; now I'm coming up; I'm standing tall. I went under, took care of business, and now I'm doing what I've got to do."

* "I expect to come [out of bankruptcy] with $150 million"

* "No risk no reward; I don't play the game unless I know I'm going to win"

* "Cramer is the only one who's right about anything. Cramer said I was one of the great ones. Now i'm 190-0. Go to Nails Investments-- it's all there."

* Howard: "So are you saying, you Lenny Dykstra, will be back?" Lenny: "No, Howard, I am back. I didnt come on your show because I hope I'll be back; I don't hope I'm gonna get a hit; I already got a hit. I'm already on the base, bro; I'm already looking at the scoreboard looking at my averages."

* Howard: You're not going to get another plane are you? Lenny: I still own my plane, bro!" Howard: "I thought they reposessed it?" Lenny: "I froze it for two years; the bank that owns that plane? they went bankrupt."

* "I'm going to help people save their houses; how? because I know how to. Why? Because it's my mission."

* Howard: "Are you working on a reality tv show?" Lenny: "It's not reality, it's a docudrama I've been asked to do with several production companies. It's called "The Comeback"- when a man loses anything, he's capable of anything-which is what this country is built on. I'm kind of a wild card, Howard."

* Howard: "When you lost your home--" Lenny: "I didn't lose my home. I gave it to my wife." Howard: "Okay, you gave your wife your home; you lost the Gretzky home; where did you live?" Lenny: "Everywhere Howard, everywhere."

* Howard: "Were you homeless at one time?" Lenny: "Homeless? What does that mean? My home had water damage. And I said, to the Fireman's Fund, 'there's no plumbing! what do you want me to do, shit on the floor?'" Howard: "Are you kidding Lenny?" Lenny: "What?" Howard: "Just watch what you're saying." Lenny: "That's not that bad a word Howard, is it?" Howard: "You can't say it on the radio- you can say dump if you want, you had no place to dump." Lenny: "Okay, dump."

* Howard: "Did u try to sell off your World Series stuff? We saw some stories on that." Lenny: "No, that pawn shop was selling fake rings; Howard, remember what I told you? I got hit by a lot of pitches but not that many? they have no tickets of authenticity; they have fake rings- replicas!"

* Howard: "Do you have money to live the life youre accostomed to?" Lenny: "Believe it brother. I'm in Hollyweird right now. I'm looking foward to getting back to Philly this weekend, I've heard it's beautiful there now." Howard: "It's snowing here, Lenny."


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