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Let John Kinnucan Tell You About His Clients

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You know when you get wind of someone speaking flatteringly of you to a third party and rather than be happy they're saying nice things, want to die because you are embarrassed that people know you know that person? And every time you're told so and so was singing your praises want to be like, "God damn it, just shut up, stop talking about me to people"? That's probably how John "Let me tell you about the time I refused to wear a wire for the Feds" Kinnuacan's clients are feeling right about now.

Kinnucan became something of a celebrity after refusing to cooperate with the investigation and notifying all his clients and industry contacts in an email last month. Several of the hedge funds and mutual funds that did business with him have been served with subpoenas. "My clients are not some scummy fly-by-night hedge funds," Kinnucan told Reuters, insisting the kind of information on technology companies he provided his clients was perfectly legitimate.


Doctor Who Tipped Off SAC Manager Wasn't Conspicuous About His Wealth Except When He Was Telling Strangers On Planes About All The Fancy Hotels And Limo Rides Insider Trading Afforded Him

As you may have heard, in addition to the salary he was paid by the University of Michigan, Dr. Sidney Gilman made about $100,000/year through his side-gig advising "a wide network of Wall Street traders."  That network included included Mathew Martoma, recently charged with running “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever,” based on the information he received from Gilman, who made it a habit of leaking highly confidential information to the former SAC Capital employee. While most people that engage in fraud can't help but spend their ill-gotten gains in a flashy way that attracts unwanted attention (expensive cars, private jets, chinchilla fur coats) the Times reports that Sid Gilman's supplementary income "was not readily apparent in his lifestyle in Michigan." For instance, no second home and no bragging to his colleagues about his life on Wall Street. Still, on at least one occasion, the doctor couldn't help but let the underage girl sitting next to him on a flight home know that she was in the presence of a BSD.