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Maxine Waters: The Probed Becomes The Prober!

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As you may have heard, Congresswoman Maxine Waters is currently being investigated on charges she arranged stimulus funds for a minority-owned bank in which Mr. Waters owned stock. Max maintains her innocence and wants a public trial to be held "as quickly as possible so she can clear her name." In the meantime Ms. Waters says she's gonna be putting a few people on trial herself-- two of the biatches investigating her.

A struggle inside the House ethics committee could spill out into the open later today when Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), the subject of an ongoing investigation, calls for an official probe into the indefinite suspension of two people investigating her. Rep. Waters, whose public trial was abruptly delayed late last month, plans to offer a “privileged resolution” as early as Tuesday “directing the speaker to appoint a bipartisan task force to investigate the circumstances and cause” of a decision to place two investigators on paid leave, according to excerpts of the resolution.

Morgan Kim, the committee’s deputy chief counsel who was directing the Waters probe, and Stacey Sovereign, another staff attorney, were put on paid administrative leave the Friday before Thanksgiving – the same day the panel announced it was restarting its investigation into Ms. Waters. It’s still unclear why the pair was suspended, and no wrongdoing has been alleged.

In the resolution, [Waters] argues that the suspensions “have subjected the committee to public ridicule, produced contempt for the ethics process, created the public perception that the committee’ purpose was to unjustly impugn the integrity of a member of the House and weakened the ability of the committee to properly conduct its investigative duties.”

In case Ms. Kim and Ms. Sovereign are unaware, here's what (fingers-crossed) Max has in store for them:

Rep. Waters Seeks Probes Of Ethics Investigators [WSJ]


Jamie Dimon To Be Asked Why He Was Running JPMorgan Like SeaWorld, Hopefully

If we're being totally honest, while it had its moments, last week's Jamie Dimon Congressional hearing to discuss Whale Boy was a bit of a letdown, theatrically-speaking. This was probably due in large part to the fact that it was conducted by the Senate Banking Committee, and the Senate typically comes off intelligent and reasonable compared to the House,* and proceeded accordingly. As we surely don't have to tell you, this is not the kind of hearing we are interested in. We are interested in hearings that involve Congressmen and women screaming "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PROSECUTED YET!!!" at financial services employees and accusing them of dressing up as Girl Scouts in order to deceive the public. We are interested in hearings that involve the use of the term "smart-alecks." We are interested in hearings that involve subjects being told to be more like Magic Johnson. We are interested in hearings that involve subjects who've never worked for Goldman Sachs being grilled until they break about working at Goldman Sachs. We are interested in hearings that involve bath salts, or the suggestion that the people conducting it have taken a bunch of them and at any moment might leap across the dais to eat the witness's face off. Fortunately, we might get the chance for all that and more tomorrow, when Dimon makes another trip down to D.C. to appear before the House Financial Services Committee to talk whales. In House Testimony, Dimon Sticks To Script [Dealbook] *Make no mistake, most of them fell short of becoming Rhodes Scholar Quarterfinalists, but we're speaking in relative terms here.