Michael Vick: "I'd like to own a dog again someday"

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Before all you naysers go to town about how it would be outrageous for him to be allowed to ever come within 100 feet of another pooch, let us look to the lessons of John Meriwether, which can be applied to most life situations.

Vick has said he "misses" having a dog and thinks getting a new one "would be a big step in the rehabilitation process." Like Vick, Meriwether condoned and partook in abuse (of shareholder capital). Still, he got a second chance and even a third. Sure, he kept fucking up, but he's a better man for it. Shouldn't Vickles be given the same opportunity? If burned investors said were trusting enough for another go, why can't the American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals get on board?