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Morgan Stanley, And Not Goldman Sachs, Lucky Recipient Of Billy Joel's Loving

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Back in August, the Daily News ran this photo of Billy Joel on a bike with an unnamed blonde woman, who the paper claimed was an employee of Morgan Stanley and Joel's new lady love. In October, a report claimed she was actually a Goldman Sachs "banker" (a tip possibly sourced to the GS c-suite, where they would just love to be able to say one of their own is tapping Joel). Today, the saga has finally been put to bed. The woman has gone public to say her name is Alexis, she works at Morgan Stanley and she's in love with Mr. B.

Mystery becomes Alexis Roderick. We tracked down Billy Joel's new 29-year-old gal pal and learned she's a polite, press-shy Long Island girl who works for Morgan Stanley in Garden City. (We've read she's a senior risk officer, but she declined to talk business.) She did say she and Joel, 61, met at a restaurant in Huntington. (They still go — so name withheld.) "He was going to dinner. I wasn't," she says. "And we were friends for a while before we started dating."

Hopefully at some point we'll find out what Alexis means when she says that they met at a restaurant but she wasn't eating there. For now let's just congratulate these two and hope James Gorman's got a nice engagement gift picked out. This feels like it's going to last.

Billy Joel Reveals Mystery Girlfriend [NYDN via BI]


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