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Nouriel Roubini Buys $5.5 Million East Village Pad

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Bloombergreports that Dr. Doom has a new pussy palace, on East First Street.

The condo, on which Roubini took out a $2.99 million mortgage, is a 3,700 square foot triplex that comes with a "custom cantilevered steel staircase," a "massive living/dining area," exposed brick walls, a wood burning fireplace and 50-foot windows. And while the listing claims that "each level of this amazing home offers something unique and unforgettable" I think we all know that when Roubs moves into a new place, he likes to put his own unique take on things. For instance, plaster vaginas, which graced the walls of his former home near NYU. Having said that, vulva indents are over, being so very 2008 (not to mention that after being popularized by the Doctor, they became a little too trendy for his taste). Being busy oraclizing and whatnot, Roubini probably hasn't had time to give the apartment's decor much thought, and would be eternally grateful if you all would pitch in with some fresh ideas. What should replace the plaster v theme in the new pad?