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Stockbroker And Jets Fan Pete Mulieri Invites Patriots Fans Into His Home To Argue That One Super Bowl Win Is Better Than Three, Show Them His Paintings

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Hey Patriots fans-- have you seen a guy walking his Maltese around Boston lately on a Jets leash? No? Well take a little fucking notice, because he's doing it for YOU. So get angry, god damn it. Come up to him and punch in the face or something. Seriously, he wants you to.

Pete Mulieri is an ex-New Yorker and now a stockbroker at Investment Technology Group in Boston, who walks his dog on a New York Jets leash and wears a Jets jersey to provoke New England Patriots fans.“I do rub it in," said Mulieri, 52.

The leash and Jersey taunting, of course, is just part of Mulieri's attack.

[He] also invites Patriots fans into his Hingham, Massachusetts, home to gaze upon a hand-painted Joe Namath mural and other mementoes.

And not just Patriots fans he knows-- completely random passersby on the street he shouts at from his front porch. And on Sunday mornings, whichever letter in the phone book he starts going through and calling. The most diehard are treated not only to the mural but a private viewing of before and after-bypass watercolorings of Rex Ryan, who, Mulieri brags, has been looking "quite svelte. That's not artistic license."

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