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Tom Hudson Hooks Investors With Pirate-Themed Leave Behinds

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Here's one: despite all we know about hedge fund manager Tom Hudson-- that the depths of this grown man's pirate obsession have translated to one firm named Pirate Capital (where a swashbuckling mascot stood in the lobby and minnow fights took place on the floor for the staff's entertainment); an interim organizations where receptionists answered the phone "Good morning, Captain Jack"; and a second act firm called Doubloon Capital, whose flagship flagship fund is called Pieces of Eight, which refers to both the nickname of the Spanish dollar, “long tied to the lore of piracy” and the Pieces of Eight Cruise Ship, “fun for the whole family” if you’re in the Ft. Meyers, Florida area-- would you still think he'd take the pirate theme one step further? That he would be of the opinion that using it in pitches with potential investors would get them to want to hand over their money not less but way more? No? Then you have underestimated this captain's fetish.

Bess- This is Doubloon's version of a leave-behind from a pitch to potential investors. It was tucked in with the marketing material. Can't figure out what metal it's made of- it seems too heavy (1/2 oz. or so) to be aluminum yet it won't attract a magnet so it can't be steel... other side has a compass rose in the center and Doubloon's web address and phone number around the edge where a real coin would say "In God we trust" or some such thing.

Would certainly not want to have to carry around a bag full of the things, let alone get them through airport security. Makes me wonder if Doubloon has a size/strength requirement for marketing/IR staff.


Area Big Time Banker Can't Get Laid In A Whorehouse, Wants People To Know About It

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