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What Could Paul Tudor Jones Possibly Have Planned For His Christmas Spectacular This Year?

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As many of you may be aware, some of us intimately, each year Paul Tudor Jones holds a Christmas spectacular on his front lawn in Greenwich, Connecticut. Open to the public, it's become a favorite event for children and adults of all ages, far and wide. After being forced to cancel his Halloween extravaganza this year, as a result of neighbors who lack any heart, some worried that PTJ's Christmas show would suffer the same fate. Well worry no longer. This thing is on, and that's not all.

According to Greenwich Time, "the display is expected to rival those of past years." Considering that in "past years," the display has included upwards of 36,000 lights, little drummer boy dances synchronized to music that people can listen to on the radio as they pull up to the house, one wonders what PTJ could to do to top himself. Will the ladies of Beamers be performing as Rockettes on the front lawn? Will every onlooker get a free bucket of chicken? Will a Santa suit-wearing PTJ allow guests to bounce on his knee? These are the things we need answers to.



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