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Who Is The Hedge Fund Manager Cooperating With The Feds?

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Earlier this morning, CNBC's Kate Kelly noted that one of the Feds' cooperating witnesses is a New York-based hedge fund manager whose name has not yet been revealed. Obviously this means we have no choice but to wildly speculate about the identity of "CW-5".

(We don't have the vaguest idea but in what is probably entirely unrelated news, HFA reported yesterday that SAC alum Ian Goodman had closed his firm, GCore. After his time in Stamford, Goodman founded Stratix with Rich Grodin, who went on to start Quadrum Capital, which "abruptly closed" last year. Around the time of the Raj Rajaratnam arrest. Both Grodin and Goodman worked with another cooperating witness, Choo Beng Lee, at Stratix. HFA noted that "Goodman himself assumes it’s only a matter of time before investigators question him about his knowledge of SAC and related entities, according to an associate, in light of his connections.")

On with the guessing.


John Paulson Is The Most Resourceful Hedge Fund Manager In The World

In a pinch, Steve Cohen has made himself a few zip-up fleece jackets with only a travel sewing kit and some Silly Putty at his disposal. Alone in the woods and miles from home, Ray Dalio has been known to fashion slingshots out of the remains of wildebeests. Having blown through all his 100-count packs already and not wanting to catch anything, George Soros has constructed condoms out of strips of bacon; old tea bags; and British pounds. According to Dealbook, however, today they must all bow down to the master. John Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager, will be forever known on Wall Street as the man who made nearly billions shorting subprime mortgages. But on Monday night at the United States Open men’s singles final, DealBook witnessed Mr. Paulson do something that, while not nearly as remunerative, was almost as impressive: He turned his necktie into an ascot...As the match wore on into the night, the temperatures dropped into the 50s and spectators grappled with how to stay warm. But Mr. Paulson, unable to avail himself of the U.S.T.A.-issued blanket and possibly reluctant to spend money on a Polo fleece, chose a different approach. Early in the fifth set, Mr. Paulson removed his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. He then wrapped the tie around his neck and transformed it into an ascot, providing additional warmth for the duration of the match. Wall Street Sits Courtside For A Marathon Match [Dealbook]

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