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Write-Offs: 12.02.10

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$$$ Matthew Goldstein: Email of analyst visited by FBI went to big players [Reuters]

$$$Paolo Pellegrini: “I’m stepping back, I’m trying to put together a more stable team, focusing on more quantitative types of disciplines. I think that there is so much arbitrary input in the investment process at this point, given all of the regulatory and central bank actions, that it is difficult to have a linear process of thinking about the world and how to make money. It’s sort of more complicated than that—there is a lot of unpredictable externality from decisions that are a combination of personal ideology of different players and political realities of different points of time.” [Bloomberg TV]

$$$ James Gorman: "We're the prettiest girl at the dance." [The Economist]

$$$New New York AG to focus on mortgage, consumer debt [FINS]

$$$The Legend Of Eli Radke [TRB]

$$$Credit The Fed: Banks Are Healthier [Dealbook]