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Write-Offs: 12.08.10

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$$$US Aims To Sell $15 Billion In AIG Shares [WSJ]

$$$ "The SEC alleges that the patent agent tipped material, non-public information about the EXAS transaction to his brother, who relayed it to his fraternity brother Cohen. For example, the patent agent's brother sent Cohen an e-mail asking, "[a]ny word related to Blu H@rsesh0e? La Jolla says the times are ripe." The movie Wall Street uses the phrase, "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacot Steel," as a code for insider trading. "La Jolla" references the fact that the patent agent lived and worked near La Jolla, Calif." [SEC]

$$$ Walmart Interested In Wine Vending Machines [CBS]

$$$Two Investment Strategies for The Payroll Tax-Cut [NetNet]

$$$ Dick Parsons: Citi Too 'Interwoven' To Fail [CNBC]

$$$ Billionaire Prokhorov Bets on High-Tech as Hedge Against Commodities Drop [Bloomberg]

$$$David Einhorn on Charlie Rose [PBS]

$$$ Where are the financial crisis prosecutions? [Dealbook]