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Are You Not Supposed Threaten To Kill Regulatory Officials?

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If so, someone didn't tell money manager Vincent McCrudden, who, according to CNBC, was arrested today by the FBI for things of that nature (he allegedly made told a total of 47 "US financial regulatory officials" that he might kill them).

Update: Apparently McCrudden was "the target of civil enforcement action by the CFTC," on whom he also made threats, in addition to FINRA employees. And here's how he describes his professional background:

And here's how McCrudden describes himself on his firm's website:

Mr. McCrudden is a former soccer player at the University of Rhode Island, and then played professionally for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and Minnesota Strikers of the NASL. He also was an amateur boxer and has raised money over the years for the NYPD for slained and disabled officers. He has two beautiful children.

Mr. McCrudden has spent the past 13 years and counting combating a colluded Government attempt to discredit and harrass Mr. McCrudden through repeated bogus procedures. Mr. McCrudden has sought relief by suing multiple agencies and officials for $1 Billion. But this has not stopped certain higher ranking officials because they know that Judges are Government employees too. In order to stop the libel, slander and harrassment at the hands of these entities, and with no available forum in the US justice system, Mr. McCrudden has started a process to enact payback for years of Government abuse. As a twice survivor of the WTC bombings, Mr. McCrudden knows all too well what the Government can do in the "name of public interest". Mr. McCrudden believes the 23 friends he lost on 9-11-2001 would have had their full support. Wake up my fellow citizens and middle class and go look into the mirror, because you my friends are the face of the new Al Qaeda! Civil disobedience can be a start for justice. Its us (middle class) against them (Government officials and the Bourgeosie). Start acting now before its too late!