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Bank CEO's Wife: My Husband Loves A Good Rom-Com, Chick-Lit

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Over the summer, Colony Capital's Tom Barrack penned a breathless letter to employees telling them about the "personal breakthrough" he achieved while reading Twilight. Almost a year ago, Stephen Schwarzman admitted to loving no film genre more than the romantic comedy. And yet, despite these well-known, well-respected and well-endowed (?) businessmen coming forward and sharing their feelings and views of books and movies, there's remained a stigma vis-a-vis being a so-called "BSD" and wanting to curl up with, say, Maid In Manhattan. Doing her part today to let the men of the financial services industry know IT'S OKAY to love the Devil Wear's Prada is Betsy Tobin, wife of Standard Chartered's Peter Sands. Betsy told the Evening Standard:

After a stressful day in the City, she adds...Sands reads chick lit to unwind and likes nothing better than to watch rom-coms with his three daughters.

Now, who else wants to come out of the woodwork? Are you the CEO of a certain golden bank who read Bridget Jones's diary cover to cover? Or maybe you're a legendary investor who watches two episodes of Sex and the City every night and though you come of as "a Charlotte," deep down inside wish you were "a Samantha." Let it out. It's safe here.

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