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Bob Diamond Will Not Be Limiting Bonuses For Barclays Staff This Year, Would Appreciate It If The Bank Bashers Would Piss Off, Buy A Clue

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Earlier this morning across the pond, Bob Diamond told the House of Commons Treasury Committee that while payouts will be distributed "responsibly," Barclays employees will be awarded bonuses that reflect the work they've done this year and will not be dictated by some arbitrary cap. Why won't BD listen to the repeated calls from the government and the people to limit pay? Because to do so would in essence be saying "sorry, we were wrong," and guess what, Bub? The days when Barclays would get down on its hands and knees and beg for forgiveness from the masses are over. “There was a period of remorse and apology for banks," Bobby said. "I think that period needs to be over." And while we're on the subject? Remind Bob again why exactly an institution like Barclays should even be apologizing for in the first place? It's just not exactly clear to him given that you seem to have two types of banks in the UK- the kind like Barclays, which did nothing wrong and the kind like RBS, which can't do anything right. And yet, they're treated one and the same.

Mr Diamond was repeatedly pressed to express gratitude to UK taxpayers for Government support for the sector. “We are very appreciative of all of the moves that were taken to ensure we still had a financial system,” he said. “On the other hand, there are 150,000 people at Barclays, we never failed a stress test, we never put the system at risk -- we never took a single penny from any taxpayer around the world.”

So here's what you can expect moving forward (warning you now so you can't act surprised later):

1) No more apologies.

2) Bonuses that may in some cases include 7, 8 or 9 figures. Why? Because Bob and Co are adults and they can do whatever they want!

3) Sweet, sweet risk, as far as they eye can see (“It’s in the best interests of everyone in this country that we shift the mantle of growth to the private sector," BD said. "We need banks to be able to take risk, working with the private sector in the UK.")

Bob Diamond: Bankers Should Stop Apologising [Telegraph]


Bonus Watch '12: Second Year Barclays CEOs

In an effort to strike a balance between being competitive and responsible, Bob Diamond will only receive 6.3 million pounds ($10 million) for his work in 2011, down from $9 million in 2010. Technically, his total package amounts to 17 million pounds ($26.9 million), but that includes stuff from previous years. [Reuters]

Bob Diamond Lieutenant Jerry Del Missier Ended Up Faring A Bit Better In The Parting Gifts Department Than The Boss

The bad news is that former Barclays chief operating officer Jerry del Missier is still out of a job and it may be some time before he gets a new one, on account of "investigations conducted by American and British authorities [demonstrating] he was a central figure" in the scandal du jour and "asked other bank officials to lower the firm’s submissions to Libor." The good news is that Jer is still (probably) getting paid, unlike some people he knows. Barclays was mired in fresh controversy on Wednesday night after handing almost £9m to a top banker who left following the Libor scandal and after one of its highest profile non-executive directors suddenly quit, taking the toll at the top to four. Jerry del Missier, who resigned after telling subordinates to reduce the bank's Libor submission during the October 2008 banking crisis, was reported to have been handed £8.75m cash as part of his leaving package. Shadow Treasury minister Chris Leslie called on del Missier to follow Diamond and waive the bulk of his payoff. "Having resigned from Barclays over the Libor fixing scandal, people will find the scale of this award completely inappropriate. Bob Diamond rightly waived most of his pay off and Mr del Missier ought to do the same," Leslie said. £9m leaving deal for Barclays deputy Jerry del Missier [Guardian] Former Top Barclays Official in Line for $13.6 Million Payout [Dealbook]

Barclays' Board May Have Banned Bob Diamond From Coming Within 200 Feet Of The Building But That Doesn't Mean They Want To See The Poor Guy Driving Himself Around Town

As you may recall, over the summer, former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond resigned in disgrace after revelations that bank employees had engaged in rampant rate rigging on his watch. And while the scandal clearly had an affect on his last performance review, Bob and friends o' Bob will be pleased to hear that it didn't actually hurt him too badly come pay day! In addition to a couple million pounds (for half a year's work), it was announced today that Diamond's 2012 package also includes lodging while he's visiting old colleagues in town, as well as a company car and driver. No need to see the guy reduced to dirtying his hands opening door or walking, when he's already been through so much.