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Bonus Watch '11: JPMorgan Seems To Be Sending Some Groups A Hint (UPDATE)

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Like seek a job where you get paid?

"Bonuses in JPM's prime brokerage were cut 75 percent (department-wide average). They tried to tell us the 75% was across the board in IB though obviously that's not the case. There's expected to be a mass-exodus from PB in the coming weeks, which it sounds like management is hoping for..."

According to a spokeswoman for JPMorgan, "The report is not accurate."


Bonus Watch '12: JPMorgan

Li'l Dimons started receiving numbers today. First year analysts (base 70k): Bottom tier: 40k Middle tier: 50k Top tier: 55k Second years (base 80k): Middle tier: 65k Top tier: 70k