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Chelsea Clinton's Husband Has Taken A Break From Wall Street To Go Skiing

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What has Bill and Hil Clinton's son-in-law been up to lately? Fresh off his summer nuptials to their daughter, Marc Mezvinsky has been apparently maxing and relaxing in Jackson Hole. According to the Post, the former Goldman Sachs investment banker has taken a li'l sabbatical from his gig at 3G Capital to "hit the slopes for a few months."

Saying only that "he's taken a break from his job," it's unclear if Mezvinsky vacated the position for good or if his bosses were kind enough to leave it open in his absence. Regardless, it sounds like he's having quite the time, having been out west since the beginning of January. Chelsea, who still has a job at Avenue Capital, "plans on visiting him every few weeks."

For those feeling envious- perhaps there are other firms out there with a lax policy on attendance and/or encourages employees to take advantage of the ski season, or whatever their passions may be?

Chelsea Clinton's Husband Leaves Job To Go Skiing [NYP via Daily Intel]



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