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Danielle Chiesi To Plead Guilty This Afternoon

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Reuters reports that Raj Rajaratnam's gal-pal will plead guilty to her part in the Galleon insider trading case this afternoon, though it's unclear exactly what counts she'll be copping to, and if she'll sell Raj down the river. Also hotly anticipated- what DC will wear to the appearance. When we first laid eyes on the analyst as she was being escorted by the cops out of her building over a year ago, Chiesi was sporting wet hair and an oversized sweater; some made comparisons to Bridget Nielsen's look, circa the Flava Flav relationship. Then, months later, she showed up at a courthouse looking like this.

She's clearly had time to prepare for this day and will be looking to wow all in attendance. Not trying to meddle but rather than going with the polished business lady look, you know what would be nice? If Chiesi showed up wearing an outfit from her early days, a la this:

Chiesi wore short skirts and low-cut tops, according to people who saw her over the years. When she worked at New York brokerage Furman Selz LLC in the early 1990s, she would show up in a tight red suit with red fishnet stockings, says a person who worked there at the time.

It would be a fitting nod to the past and a trip down memory lane for all those who knew her then.