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Did Allen Stanford's Jailhouse Beating Cause Brain Damage? Prosecutors Aren't So Sure

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Remember when alleged Ponzi-schemer Allen Stanford was beaten so severely that he lost feeling in the right side of his face and landed in the hospital looking like that? His lawyers say his brain was "injured" as a result, that he has a “major depressive disorder,” is addicted to anti-anxiety drugs and is "not competent to stand trial." At least one doctor agrees, having testified that Stanford “is not able to work effectively, rationally, with his attorneys to develop a defense against the charges." Assistant U.S. Attorney Gregg Costa, however, isn't buying it.

Costa challenged the doctor’s diagnoses, citing a lengthy argument Stanford made during a court hearing. “This was off the top of his head,” the prosecutor said. “He did a better job of representing himself than some of his lawyers.” The doctor replied that Stanford’s courtroom speech was evidence of mental upset. “This is not a man sitting down with his attorneys, looking at millions of documents,” and devising a defense strategy, the doctor said. “This is a man getting up and complaining that nobody is treating him right.”

Costa showed an e-mail Stanford wrote from prison on Dec. 27 that the prosecutor said was “gibberish.” He asked the doctor if Stanford was “trying to game the system” by writing jumbled messages during the time the government was examining his mental state, while earlier e-mails were cogent and showed Stanford to be aware of current events.

You're gonna have to do a lot better than that, Big Al!