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Former Hedge Funder** Takes His Talents To Vegas

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If we learned one thing from the the financial meltdown it simply is "Don't Fuck with Quants." Armed with their designations, degrees and Excel spreadsheets they taught us that if tested, they will bring the global financial system to its knees, so help me God. Perhaps in a quest for redemption for the entire industry, one such individual has taken his talents to Vegas, where he's trying to create value rather than mercilessly destroy it. For those whose bonuses sucked more than some dude with his lips around Michelle Ryan's toes, you might what to check out this kid's site if you're looking for a little extra scratch.

Notable accomplishments this NFL Postseason include:

-8-0 vs. the spread
-6-2 vs. the Over Under
-and for the Brazzers enthusiasts that enjoy fantasy more than reality "..results from the fantasy football season...that outpredicted ESPN and Yahoo! nearly 70% of the time."

No word on whether or not his program can predict the number of women Ben Rothlesberger will lock in bar bathrooms this off season.

**Hedge Funder, hedge fund intern, same diff no diff.


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