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'Genius' Heralds New Era In Hedge Fund Names

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Time was, if you were naming a hedge fund, you either went with some obscure reference, historical or otherwise, intended to demonstrate just how much of a pretentious asshole you are (PA's make the best money managers), your initials, as way of sending the message 'I run this house,' or some sort of word that the evoked the idea of power and machismo, where investor capital is protected by a moat. Today brings a fourth option for those playing the name game, i.e. the most difficult task of opening your own shop.

And it comes by way of Long Island, where three guys have started a firm called the 'Genius Hedge Fund.' Sure, there are already existing hedge funds employing geniuses, and some might suggest that this was a brag, but we're going to assume it was Alex, Victor and AJ were merely being descriptive. And given the investor demand for more transparency from the industry, we're betting this is the start of a truth in advertising movement vis-a-vis naming your fund. Planning on dicking over your clients by not letting them redeem when they need the liquidity and/or borrowing their money to pay personal taxes? We're Gonna Screw You Good Capital Management. Firm run by geniuses, not unlike the boys from Long Island? Mind Of A Scientist Management. Probably not gonna do much in the way of returns but stand out for having a founder with a cock like a Burmese python? Baby's Arm LLC. You get the idea.

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