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How Fast Do We Think Connecticut Investment Manager Russell Stildolph Was Going When He Launched His Porsche 35 Feet In The Air?

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Russel Stildolph is a Norwalk resident and the founder and Managing Director of Connecticut-based AltEnergy, a clean energy-focused private equity fund. Maybe you've taken meetings with him or seen him around downtown; if you have, you probably didn't know that Stildolph has a secret. And that secret is simply this: he ownsleases a flying car.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago, however, that he worked up the courage to test out this particular feature on his 2008 911 Porsche Carerra. After tossing back some drinks (unclear as to how many, but whatever it took to get his blood alcohol level to about .20), Stildolph took a drive, ultimately ending up on the lawn of 24 Highland Avenue, where he parked his car. Prior to doing so, police guesstimate that Russ, who was found with "his head wedged under the rear window frame" having only suffered a few cuts and bruises, had gotten the Porsche up to 35 feet before crashing into the second story of the house and landing on the front porch. Quite impressive! Unfortunately, Big Russ "doesn't remember what happened" so we'll just have piece things together as best we can. (Stildolph is set to be arraigned on charges of drunk driving, traveling "unreasonably fast," failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to wear a seat belt on January 13, so maybe after he deals with all that we can present our theories and jog his memory.)

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